Snapshot by Brandon Sanderson

Snapshot Brandon Sanderson

Rating: 3 Stars ★★★☆☆

Anthony Davis – one of only two real people in a city of twenty million – caught the burrito his partner tossed to him.


In the near future, society can create a snapshot of a specific day in time. The experiences people have, the paths they follow—all of them are real again for a one day in the snapshot. All for the purposes of investigation by the court.

Davis’s job as a cop on Snapshot Duty is straight forward. Sometimes he is tasked with finding where a criminal dumped a weapon. Sometimes he is tasked with documenting domestic disputes. Simple. Mundane. One day, in between two snapshot assignments, Davis decides to investigate the memory of a call that was mysteriously never logged at the precinct, and he makes a horrifying discovery.

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The Drowning Eyes by Emily Foster

The Drowning Eyes by Emily Foster

Rating 3.5 Stars ★★★☆☆

“Not in this lifetime.” Tazir snatched two of the pebbles off of the pile for the equipment budget. “Or at least not after what you pulled coming into Hanshi.”


When the Dragon Ships began to tear through the trade lanes and ravage coastal towns, the hopes of the arichipelago turned to the Windspeakers on Tash. The solemn weather-shapers with their eyes of stone can steal the breeze from raiders’ sails and save the islands from their wrath. But the Windspeakers’ magic has been stolen, and only their young apprentice Shina can bring their power back and save her people.

Tazir has seen more than her share of storms and pirates in her many years as captain, and she’s not much interested in getting involved in the affairs of Windspeakers and Dragon Ships. Shina’s caught her eye, but that might not be enough to convince the grizzled sailor to risk her ship, her crew, and her neck.

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Dog With a Bone by Hailey Edwards

Dog with a Bone by Hailey Edwards Book Cover

Rating: 1.5 Stars

Burnt ozone tingled in my nose.


Thierry is half-fae. Her father is the famous Black Dog, a death omen working for both the Seelie and Unseelie court. For Thierry, it means that she has the power to kill people with a touch. She is taken in by the magistrates and trained to use her power to be a marshall: the fae police in the human world. When fae go missing, Thierry investigates the case. Together with her hot partner Shaw, who happens to be an incubus.

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Sunbolt by Intisar Khanani


Rating: 2.5 Stars

Mgeni! Stay a moment; I have your future for you.”


On the island of Karolene, Archmage Blackflame is the puppetmaster behind the Sultan’s throne. Few dare to oppose him, among them the Shadow League. Hitomi, a young thief barely scraping by, aids the League in what is supposed to be a straightforward mission to get a politician and his family out of Karolene safely.

When things don’t go as planned, Hitomi finds herself facing not only Blackflame but a sadistic bloodsucker as well.

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Binti by Nnedi Okorafor

Binti Book Cover

Rating: 3 Stars

I powered up the transporter and said a silent prayer.

The Plot

Binti is the first of the Himba to be accepted into Oomza University. Against her family’s wishes, she leaves the planet, eager to attend University and learn more about deep mathematics. But on her way there, the ship is attacked by the race of the Meduse.

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