Emperor of Thorns by Mark Lawrence

Emperor of Thorns Mark Lawrence

Rating: 3 Stars ★★★☆☆

Kai stood before the old-stone, a single rough block set upright in the days when men knew nothing but wood and rock and hunting.


King Jorg Ancrath is twenty now—and king of seven nations. His goal—revenge against his father—has not yet been realized, and the demons that haunt him have only grown stronger. Yet no matter how tortured his path, he intends to take the next step in his upward climb.

Jorg would be emperor. It is a position not to be gained by the sword but rather by vote. And never in living memory has anyone secured a majority of the vote, leaving the Broken Empire long without a leader. Jorg plans to change that. He’s uncovered the lost technology of the land, and he won’t hesitate to use it.

But he soon finds an adversary standing in his way, a necromancer unlike any he has ever faced—a figure hated and feared even more than himself: the Dead King.

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King of Thorns by Mark Lawrence

King of Thorns Mark Lawrence

Rating: 3 Stars ★★★☆☆

I found these pages scattered, teased across the rocks by a fitful wind.


A six nation army marches toward Jorg’s gates, led by a shining hero determined to unite the empire and heal its wounds. Every omen says he will. Every good king knows to bend the knee in the face of overwhelming odds, if only to save their people and their lands. But King Jorg is not a good king.

Faced by an enemy many times his strength, Jorg knows that he cannot win a fair fight. But playing fair was never part of Jorg’s game plan…

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Unfettered: Tales by Masters of Fantasy


Overall Rating of the Anthology: 3 Stars ★★★☆☆


When Shawn Speakman fell seriously ill with cancer and was unable to pay his medical bills, he asked his friends to help out with a story. This is the anthology that resulted from it, with the proceeds going towards paying those bills.

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Prince of Fools by Mark Lawrence

Book Review: Prince of Fools by Mark Lawrence

Rating: 5 Stars ★★★★★

I am a liar and a cheat and a coward, but I will never, ever, let a friend down. Unless of course not letting them down requires honesty, fair play, or bravery.


Jalan Kendeth, Prince of the Red March, is not a hero. He is a coward and a liar. Unlike his grandmother, the feared Red Queen, he does not care for war or politics. His goal is to squeeze as much fun out of his life with as little work as possible.

But then he finds his fate entangled with that of Snorri ver Snagarson, a warrior from the North who is determined to go back to the Bitter Ice to safe his family from an army of the undead.

Bound by strange magic, they travel through half the Broken Kingdom, the Dead King’s agents on their tail.

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Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence

Prince of Thorns Book Cover

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Ravens! Always the ravens. They settled on the gables of the curch even before the injured became the dead.


When Jorg, Prince of Ancrath was a child, the men of Count Renar murdered his mother and his little brother. He could only watch, helplessly, held fast by the thorns of the Hook Briar, biting deeper into his flesh with every move.

That day and those thorns changed Jorg. He leaves his father’s castle and joins a group of murderous outlaws, burning and pillaging as they go. But Jorg has bigger plans: He will be king. Then he will end the Hundred War and become emperor of the Broken Empire.

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