Top 10 Favourite Short Stories

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s prompt is all about novellas and short stories. I like a good novella, but I don’t think I have read enough to pick my top 10 favourite ones, so instead, I’m going with some of the great short stories I’ve read in the past few year. Though I have to admit it was difficult to choose only 10.


Unnatural Creatures CoverNocturnes by John Connolly CoverBeyond the Woods Anthology Paula Guran


1) The Tell-Tale HeartEdgar Allan Poe

This story is just so atmospheric and perfectly captures the madness of the murderer.


2) Come Lady Death – Peter S. Beagle

Anthology: Unnatural Creatures

I loved this story. An ageing society lady invites Death to her ball. When Death actually arrives, she’s not at all what people imagined.


3) The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bees – E. Lily Yu

Anthology: Unnatural Creatures

I loved the style and imaginativeness of this short story. Wasps that make beautifully detailed maps and enslave bees. Bees that won’t stand for it.


4) The Erlking – John Connolly

Anthology: Nocturnes

One of the creepiest short stories in this collection full of creepy stories, it tells of the Erlking, a supernatural creature with a craving for young children.


5) Good Hunting – Ken Liu

Anthology: Beyond the Woods

A beautiful steampunks story in which magic disappears in the wake of the rise of the steam machines. But one man and the fox-girl he loves find a new way of magic.


Warrior Women CoverSome of the Best from Tor 2016 EditionRogues, Anthology by George R.R.Martin Cover


6) England Under the White Witch – Theodora Goss

Anthology: Warrior Women

It is eternally winter in an England ruled by a queen that came from the north, with wolves and warrior girls at her side. This story is rich in atmosphere and reads like such a beautiful fairy tale – though a dark one.


7) The Destroyer – Tara Isabella Burton

Anthology: Some of the Best from, 2016 Edition

The setting is great: a mixture of Ancient Roma and science fiction it tells of the daughter of a brilliant scientist that falls prey to her mother’s ambitions.


8) And Wash Out by Tides of War – An Owomoyela

Anthology: Warrior Women

The war is over and the soldiers are coming back. But Aditi’s mother is not who she used to be. The relationship between mother and daughter was beautifully written: complex, complicated and sad.


9) The Lightning Tree – Patrick Rothfuss

Anthology: Rogues

I have a weakness for Rothfuss’ Bast and this story is all about him. It follows his life in the sleepy village where he trades favours with the villages’ children.


10) The Girls from Avenger – Carrie Vaughn

Anthology: Warrior Women

This is a story about WASPs, women who flew planes during World War II and it’s infuriating, heartbreaking and an overall great story.




One thought on “Top 10 Favourite Short Stories

  1. Great list! I loved The Tell-Tale Heart, too. I wanted to put it on my list, but I had to limit myself to 10. I’ve read some of Neil Gaiman’s novels, but I’ve never tried his shorter work. I probably should. His stuff is on a lot of lists today.

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