Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter

Pollyanna Eleanor Porter

Rating: 4 Stars ★★★★☆

Miss Polly Harrington entered her kitchen a little hurriedly this June morning.


When her father dies, Pollyanna is sent to live with her stern Aunt Polly. She is poor, orphaned and alone but Pollyanna just feels lucky to have an aunt at all. The truth is that her dear father, before he died, taught her a trick for life – the ‘Glad Game’ – the aim of which is to find the good in every bad situation. Before long, Pollyanna’s sunny outlook has brightened up the whole town. But when a horrible accident occurs can the Game save Pollyanna?


I’m gonna be honest here, this is a very sweet read, bordering on the saccharine sometimes. Pollyanna is such an incredible optimist. I mean – that game of hers? Seeing the positive in everything?

Like telling a sick woman she can be glad because the rest of the world isn’t like her. It is a bit much sometimes.

“And you didn’t break but one. You can be glad ’twasn’t two.” Pollyanna was warming to her task.

“Of course! So fortunate,” sniffed the man, with uplifted eyebrows; “looking at it from that standpoint, I suppose I might be glad I wasn’t a centipede and didn’t break fifty!”

But… it doesn’t matter!

I really liked this book. It’s one of the books with a happy ending where things go right. It was such a comforting read. I love my action and antiheroes and battles and all that but sometimes, sometimes I like a book where everything’s all right. A book that’s all about love and family.


What a sweet comfort read.


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