Larael’s Top 10 Books of 2016


2016 is coming to a close. I already broke down what I read this year into some numbers. But now it’s time to look at the individual books, specifically, the best books I read this year.

Kindred  – Octavia Butler


Kindred broke my heart. It’s a truly amazing science-fiction time-travel novel. Read more about Kindred here


A Monster CallsPatrick Ness

A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls is a modern fairy tale about a boy coming to grips with his mother’s illness and his own grief. It is beautifully written and heartbreaking. Read more about A Monster Calls here


The MartianAndy Weir

The Martian

The Martian is an amazing sci-fi novel, full of humour, great characters and science! Read my review of The Martian here


Prince of FoolsMark Lawrence

Book Review: Prince of Fools by Mark Lawrence

Prince of Thorns was on last year’s list and Prince of Fools is even better. I absolutely adored the main character. Read more about the book here


Adulthood is a MythSarah Andersen

Adulthood is a Myth - A Sarah's Scribbles Collection

Sarah’s Scribbles is amazing. I loved this book. It’s so sweet, so funny, so relatable. Check out my review here


Warrior Women – Various

Warrior Women Cover

More people should read this great anthology. There are so many amazing stories in there, full of interesting characters and worlds. Read more about Warrior Women


The Little StrangerSarah Waters

The Little Stranger

The Little Stranger surprised me. It was deliciously creepy, a perfect Gothic Novel. Read more about The Little Stranger here


The GodfatherMario Puzo


The Godfather is a great book. The characters, the atmosphere, the tension throughout the book. I couldn’t put it down.


Lock InJohn Scalzi

Lock In

Lock In is set in a really cool version of the future. It’s a sci-fi mystery with some great characters and really good banter. Read my review of Lock In here


One Summer: America 1927Bill Bryson

One Summer America 1927 Cover

I just loved all the small anecdotes in this book. Bill Bryson made the period come to life. Read my review of One Summer here


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