The Glass Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg


Rating: 3 Stars★★★☆☆

A late summer breeze wafted through the open kitchen window, making the twenty tiny flames upon Ceony’s cake dance back and forth on their candlewicks.


It’s been only a few months since the events in The Paper Magician. Ceony is continuing her education as a paper mage and neither she nor Emery talk about her confessing her love for him while in his heart.

But then the Excisioners attack again. One of them believes Ceony holds the key to the secret of Lira’s freezing, magic never seen before. Everyone she knows and cares about is in danger. Ceony is determined to find her enemy and protect those she loves.


I really liked the Paper Magician. The sequel has more of what made that book great: a delightful world full of great characters and interesting magic.

I really love the magic system of this world and I was really happy to find out more about the different kinds of magic in this book.

However, the book is also very much focussed on the romance between Ceony and Emery. And while I really like them as a couple, the story here was too drawn out for me. I just wanted them to get over everything already and just acknowledge their feelings.

She loved his genuineness, his honesty, his cleverness, his humor and eccentricity. She loved the way his hands moved when he Folded, and the way he pursed his lips when concentrating. She loved his kindness – at least, he was always kind to her.

Despite the focus on the romance, the book had a great story full of tension that kept me going.


A nice sequel set in a world full of interesting magic and great characters.


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