Our Man in Havana by Graham Greene


Rating: 2.5 Stars ★★☆☆☆

“That nigger going down the street,” said Dr Hasselbacher standing in the Wonder Bar, “he reminds me of you, Mr Wormold.”


Mr. Wormold, vacuum cleaner salesman in a city of powercuts, is, as always, short of money. His daughter, sixteen, followed everywhere by wolf whistles, is spending his money with a skill that amazes him, so when a mysterious Englishman offers him an extra income he’s tempted. All he has to do is run agents, file reports: spy. But his fake reports have an alarming tendency to come true, and the web of lies he weaves around him starts to get more and more tangled.


Overall, Our Man in Havana was a quick and enjoyable read. Still, it was only an okay book, mainly because of the plot.

I absolutely hate plots where the hero just haphazardly stumbles from one situation to the next. Where the whole plot depends on people just not listening to each other and misunderstanding each other.

There were some humorous parts in it but overall, it was just one of thise improbable plots where the protagonist has absolutely no initiative of his own.

“You are going much too fast.”

“Free of income-tax you know,” Hawthorne said and winked slyly. The wink somehow didn’t go with the royal monogram.

“You must give me time…”

“Your code number is 59200 stroke 5.” He added with prode. “Of course I am 59200. You’ll number your subagents 59200 stroke 5 stroke 1 and so on. Got the idea?”

“I don’t see how I can possibly be of use to you.”


A quick, overall enjoyable read.


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