Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer


Rating: 4.5 Stars ★★★★☆

How does one describe Artemis Fowl? Various psychiatrists have tried and failed.


Artemis Fowl is twelve years old and a criminal genius. His father has vanished on sea, his mother barely gets out of her room and Artemis is left to fend for himself. Determined to restore the family fortune, he has an unconventional idea: He will steal gold from faeries.

To that end, he kidnaps Holly Short and holds her for ransom. What he doesn’t count on is that she is a member of the elite LEPrecon force and her friends, including genius centaur Foaly and Commander Root, are determined to get her out of Artemis’ hands.

The whole force of the faeries is coming down on him and all Artemis has is his sharp mind and his bodyguard Butler.


I just love Artemis Fowl. The first book has a fast-paces story and introduces us to some truly amazing characters.

First, there’s our protagonist: Artemis. Twelve-years old, he’s a genius and focussed on one goal: Restore the family fortune.

“I don’t see why not. Knock yourself out … Or rather don’t.”

Artemis blinked. That was his second joke in recent times. And his first aloud. Better take care. This was no time for frivolity.

But it would be boring to do so in an ordinary way. Artemis has a much better plan: steal gold from the faeries.

These faeries are not really what one imagines them to be. Sure, there are trolls and dwarves and faeries of other kinds. There’s magic and they do live underground. But they’re also technologically advanced. I really, really liked the worldbuilding.

On Artemis’ side is Butler, a bear of a man with his own particular set of skills. He’s okay with not knowing the full extent of Artemis’ plan. He trust the boy completely.

At the age of ten, Butler children were sent to a private training centre in Israel, where they were taught the specialized skills necessary to guard the latest in the Fowl line. These skills included cordon bleu cooking, marksmanship, a customized blend of martial arts, emergency medicine and information technology.

With the faeries, whe have some really great characters as well. I loved Holly Short. She’s a badass. She’s smart and capable, but she also does some stupid things (like not renewing her magic when she should have). She also has a big heart, even for the ones that keep her prisoner.

But what was really great about this book were the side characters. I mean we’ve got a genius centaur, Foaly, who has some… socializing troubles.

Foaly was a paranoid centaur, convinced that human intelligence agencies were monitoring his transport and surveillance network. To prevent them reading his mind, he wore a tinfoil hat at all times.

And there’s Commander Root, a gruff guy with a penchant for evil-smelling cigars. That’s just some of them. Really, all of the side characters were interesting and a delight to read about. They’re what makes this story so great.


An amazing, fun read set in a great world full of fascinating characters.


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