A Court of Thorns and Roses

A Court of Thorns and Roses

Rating: 3 Stars ★★★☆☆

The forest had become a labyrinth of snow and ice.


Since the war between humans and fae, the world has been divided in two, with a barrier between the realms of humans and those of the fae. Few dare tread close to that barrier, but Feyre has to hunt in these woods to support her family.

One day, she kills a wolf that turns out not be a wolf at all. And one of the Fae demands her life in return. He takes her to Prythian, where everything is not alright. There is a dark force at work, determined to shatter the barrier and conquer humans once again.


I really, really, liked this book. It was utterly enjoyable. And that is a bit strange because there were also many things wrong with this book. Things I usually hate. Feyre, for example, is a special snowflake. Everything falls in her lap.

I mean, she taught herself to hunt and is amazing at it. As she is at everything she tries. She survives things she shouldn’t and bests monsters that should have been way out of her league.

“Clearly not,” he said with a half smile. But the smile faded. “A human who can take down a faerie in a wolf’s skin, who ensnared the Suriel and killed two naga on her own…”

So that was a bit annoying, how things just fell into her lap all the time (and don’t get me started about what happens with her towards the end).

But the book was still fun! Sarah J.Maas created a great world. I wanted to read more about the different fae realms and know more about its inhabitants.

And Lucien and Rhys were awesome. We’ve got Lucien, a fae with a scarred face and a sharp tongue. I loved the way he bickered with Feyre. And he’s really, really sweet as well. Lucien was definitely my favourite. Tamlin was okay, but Lucien was the one who was alive for me in this book.

“Well, I’m late for something incredibly important,” Lucien said, and before I could call him on his outright lie or beg him to stay, the fox-masked faerie vanished.

And then there’s Rhys. High Lord of the Night Court. Gorgeous. Dangerous. Ever scheming. He was one hell of a glorious bastard. Except for the parts he takes Feyre to those weird Fae parties and treats her like a dog. That part was shit. I mean, he was supposed to be evil and all but those parts just had me rolling my eyes.


An enjoyable Beauty and the Beast retelling set in a fascinating world of magic and faeries.


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