Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill

Heart Shaped Box

Rating: 2 Stars ★★☆☆☆

Jude had a private collection.


Judas Coyne has a collection of occult artifacts, murderer’s art and even a snuff movie. When he finds a ghost for sale online, he doesn’t hesitate.

Soon, a dead man’s suit arrives in a heart-shaped box and the ghost of the man with him. A ghost that is determined to make Jude and everyone who helps him pay and drag him to death in the most horrible way possible.


In the end, this was just okay. It was a pretty cool idea but while reading it, I was neither scared nor really interested. The story was not very creepy.

It was a warning. Jude had seen a dead man in the night, Anna’s stepfather, and this was his way of telling Jude that their business was not done.

And the characters all had so much misery in their past, it seemed kind of over the top. And the abuse they suffered in the past was not handled very well either.

It seemed thrown in for the shock value more than for the story. There wasn’t much emotional handling of any of it.

Also, I couldn’t bring myself to care much about Jude. He was an asshole and not in an interesting way. He was just not an interesting person. I didn’t really care whether he lived or died and that’s kind of a problem when reading a horror book.

They wanted to prove something to themselves about how much they could take, to prove they were hard. That was why they came to him, not in spite of the things he said to them or the way he treated them, but because of it. And it was just understood that sooner or later they would go away.

Or at least, he understood it, and if they didn’t at first, then they always figured it out eventually.

I liked Marybeth, Jude’s girlfriend,  but even she was sort of… far off. Not really there. She was more like a setpiece to make Jude more likeable than a character with motivations of her own.


An okay story but nothing memorable


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