Maggie for Hire by Kate Danley

Maggie for Hire

Rating: 3 Stars

I’m a tracker. Actually, my business card reads “Maggie MacKay – Magical Tracker”. I find the bad guys and bring them in.


Maggie MacKay is a tracker. She has inherited the gifts of both her parents and can cross between our world and the Other Side at will. She hunts down Other Siders on earth and brings them to justice.

But then more monsters appear in L.A. than usually. And a gorgeous Elf shows up, asking Maggie to do nothing less than save the world.


There were a lot of things to like about this book. Maggie and Killian for example. I loved their relationship. And the banter! The banter is very well done. Their back and forth always made me smile.

“It’ll be fun. A little garlic necklace for you. A little magic rod for me.” I looked at him sharply. “Don’t say it.”

He shut his mouth with a snap and a grin.

We sat in the car in silence.

“I have a magic rod.”

“Shut it!”

I also loved the fact that Maggie had a family she’s comfortable with. I really liked the relationship between her and her sister. Despite the fact that Maggie has inherited the supernatural gifts of their parents and her sister not, there’s no jealousy. I wish we could have seen more interactions between the two.

However, there were also some things I didn’t like that much. Frankly, I hated the way Xiaoming was described. It made me cringe.

Xiaoming gave Killian the old fisheye and then declared, “He working. You sitting. He okay. You lazy.”

I liked the worldbuilding, but there wasn’t much of it and it sometimes made for confusing reading. Times were mixed together and the different powers of the different species weren’t always clear.

My place was a cozy two-story, arts and crafts style cottage I had picked up earlier this year. I had some extra cash and needed a change in scenery, so I met up with a nice realtor witch who was able to pluck my dream house straight out of my brain and, with a few tweaks, grow this place for me.

And, to be honest. Maggie’s powers weren’t all that well described either. She has inherited the Sight from her mother, but she never uses it. It’s not even entirely clear what exactly it does. Until, towards the end, it deus ex machina’s her to something she’s looking for.

Also, towards the end, the pacing was off. Everything happened just too fast. And Maggie didn’t really struggle with anything towards the end. Find the vampire fortress? Easy. Get access? Easy.


A nice, fast-paces story with some flaws. The banter between the protagonists is great.


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