The Long Way Down by Craig Schaefer

The Long Way Down

Rating: 4 Stars

“I know what you are,” the old man said.


Daniel Faust is a true magician living in Las Vegas. When he is hired by a heartbroken man to punish the murderer of his granddaughter, he agrees to look into it. What he didn’t expect, however, was to find himself in so much trouble. All of a sudden he has to deal with a seedy porn director a mysterious corporation and a beautiful demon: Caitlin, right hand of a demon prince. No pressure.


I really liked the book. It was a great story, though pretty grim. People die in this story. And they die violently. Maybe not that surprising, considering we’re dealing with evil sorcerers and a demon.

Now I had to deal with an unsolved murder, a soul-shattered ghost, and at least one rogue half-demon who wanted to eat me for dinner because apparently magicians’ toes taste like candy.

Daniel Faust is a very interesting protagonist. He has a dark past (of course) and is struggling with it. I liked that he was morally grey. In a way, he has a very strict moral sense. However, it doesn’t apply to people he deems have broken the rules. He has no trouble hurting them. And I like a good vengeance on behalf of those who can’t avenge themselves.

“She said he’s locked up in the nuthouse,” Jud said, eyeing me cautiously. “Said they have to keep him on happy pills or all he dies is scream until his throat gives out. Doctors can’t reckon why, neither.”

Daniel Faust was a good protagonist but I loved Caitlin. She’s a demon and Daniel is interested in her. But she isn’t nice-washed. She is and remains a demon. She’s dangerous. It’s awesome.

“There will be punishment. Severe. Merciless. Punishment. Pain is so much more enjoyable when it’s inflicted on the truly deserving.”

She paused, quirking an eyebrow.

“Does that bother you?”

I thought about it for a second and shrugged.

“You’re a career woman. I respect that.”

Towards the end, however, Caitlin lost a bit of her appeal. She doesn’t get to act like much of a demon anymore. Instead she just follows Daniel around, saving him when he needs it.

I also didn’t feel the chemistry between Daniel and Caitlin. Their relationship kind of annoyed me. It happened way too fast and honestly, it didn’t make sense to me that a demon and right hand of a hellish prince just went ahead and got into a relationship with some random magician she knew all of one day.


A grim and well-written Urban Fantasy novel with a demon that gets to behave like a demon.


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