Nimona by Noelle Stevenson


Rating: 4.5 Stars


Ballister Blackheart is a reluctant villain who fights his nemesis Sir Goldenloin. One day, Nimona, a young shapeshifter appears in his lair, determined to be his sidekick.


Nimona is really great. It has an awesome world, a mixture of medieval and mad-scientist-technology. We’ve got swords and jousts and squires but we’ve also got chemistry and super-powered suits of armour.

I loved how Blackheart, who is a scientific, rational man at heart is totally confused by Nimona’s shapeshifting and wants to find out how she can do it. It’s not just accepted, it’s more like: Let’s find out how it works! With science!

Nimona was an awesome character. I loved the relationship between her and Blackheart. They kind of adopted each other like stray puppies.

Nimona has a chip on her shoulder, she’s destructive, but she is also really sweet. A great, complex character.

In general, the characters in the book were amazing. They start out as sort-of stereotipical. The golden-maned hero. The mad-scientist villain and his sidekick. But that first impression is deceptive. Because they are layered, complex characters and I loved them all.


An amazing graphic novel full of awesome characters and a sweet story.


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