Dark Currents by Jacqueline Carey

Dark Currents

Rating: 4 Stars

It was an idyllic summer evening in Pemkowet the night the Vanderhei kid died.

The Plot

Daisy Johansen is an agent of Hel, the Norse goddess of death, currently living in the small town of Pemkowest. It is her duty to inforce Hel’s rules and keep order in the eldritch community.

When the body of a college student is found in the river, Daisy has to solve the case fast, before the strained relationship between the supernatural and the human community comes to a head. In the course of the investigation, she has to deal with a werewolf partner, a emotion-sucking ghoul, naiads and vampires.

All while trying to keep her emotions in check and avoiding indulging in any of the Seven Deadly Sins. Because you see, Daisy is a half-breed: Half human, half demon. And she really doesn’t want to let her demon side come out to play.


I really liked Daisy. Her name, let’s be honest, is absolutely ridiculous. She’s a half demon. She has a tail. She works for the Norse goddess of the Underworld. Her name is Daisy.

Daisy Johanssen, reluctant hell-spawn. That’s me.

She’s a great character. She’s smart and she doesn’t make dumb decisions based on lusty feelings for the male characters. She’s got an awesome mom and some really great friends. She’s also got a nice sense of humour that shimmers through sometimes.

There’s some sort of Soothsayers’ Code that prevents soothsayers from soothsaying on a day-to-day basis, when it might, you know, avert this kind of ordinary, everyday tragedy.

The male characters were really interesting as well. We’ve got Cody, her police partner and a closeted werewolf. He’s… very sexy. Daisy has had a crush on him since she was a teenager.

He looked different in his own element, more at ease in his skin. He wore faded old blue jeans that fit him in all the right ways and an equally faded plaid flannel shirt, washed until it was paper-thin and soft, worn open over a white wifebeater tank top with Timberland boots on his feet.

In other words, a poster boy for a woodsy “Men of Pemkowet” calendar.

Then there’s Stefan, a ghoul who lives off others emotions. He’s … also very sexy. He’s also really considerate and polite, which in my book makes him even sexier.

There was no mistaking the trio for human, It was a bona fida eldritch sighting. In broad daylight, the underlying ghoul pallor was more pronounced, and an otherworldly aura that even an untrained mundane could recognize surrounded them.

Especially Stefan.

I loved that there was no alpha-male douchiness in the book. I loved that there was not a lot of romance in the book. Daisy is attracted to both of them. It’s fine, she doesn’t let it get in the way of her work. There’s no swooning and endless thinking on the hotness of the male characters. It’s great.

I also really loved the supernatural element. It’s a Midwestern town with a Norse Underworld, some vampires, some werewolves, some fairies and a whole lot of other beings.

Predators recognize one another, too. And the ghouls in the bar that day may not have known exactly what Lurine was, but they sure as hell recognized her as something bigger and badder and older than themselves.

I look forward to getting to know them all better in the course of the series. Everyone, including the minor characters was interesting and well written and I wanted to know their stories.


A great start to a new Urban Fantasy series with an amazing heroine and fascinating characters.


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