4 Podcasts Perfect For Halloween

4 Podcasts Perfect For Halloween

It’s Halloween! And today, here are my top picks of podcasts that are perfect for Halloween:

Welcome to Night Vale

1.Welcome to Night Vale

Everyone knows Night Vale, right? It’s delightfully weird. It’s a podcast about the desert town of Night Vale, where Cecil, radio host at Night Vale Radio nonchalantly relates the strange occurences in the town.

Limetown Podcast Cover

2. Limetown

This Podcast is fairly new, with only 3 episodes out. It has an X-Files vibe about it.

It’s about Lia Haddock, radio reporter that investigates the mysterious disappearance of the threehundred inhabitants of Limetown ten years ago.

Lore Podcast

3. Lore

This podcasts takes scary tales and looks at the history behind them.

This podcast is the perfect mixture between fiction and non-fiction. Aaron Mahnke has a gift for narrating history in the most creepy way possible.

The Black Tapes Podcast

4. The Black Tapes

A journalist finds herself in the world of ghost hunters. Specifically, in the company of Dr. Strand, a ghost hunter that doesn’t believe in ghosts. He has, however, a wall full of black VHS tapes and a mysterious past.

Dr Strand is such an old grump, it’s pretty awesome.

What awesome podcasts are you listening to? And which ones get you in the Halloween mood? Let me know in the comments.


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