Content Machine by Dan Norris

Content Machine Cover

Rating: 2.5 Stars


The title says it all. The book aims to provide strategies and tools for content marketing to build a business without investing in advertisements.


This book would have worked way better as a collection of blog posts. There are some very interesting and, more importantly, informative parts in this book. Dan Norris puts together a useful list of resources and strategies for content marketing. Most of them are in chapter 4, Differentiation and 5, Building the Machine.

The problem is the writing connecting these useful lists. It is very repetitive and very self-promoting. The beginning of the book, in particular, suffers from it. The term content marketing is used to exhaustion, as is the name of his business.

A blogger is someone who creates content on a blog. As I’ve mentioned already, your job is not primarily about creating content. Your job first and foremost is about marketing a business with content. That’s why I prefer the term “content marketer,” and the focus for content marketers is, therefore, the business.


A short book with some very useful information if you can get past the self-promotion. Though overall, it didn’t feel very cohesive, it is a quick read and I learned some things.


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