Monthly Deals Kindle UK – June 2015

Each first tuesday of the month the new monthly deals are out and, like clockwork, each tuesday I spend more than I wanted on ebooks. It’s just so difficult to resist when there’s a good offer. So here are the deals that caught my eye this month:

Bought Immediately

The Princess BrideWilliam Goldman


I’ve been meaning to read this for a while so I’m definitely adding it to the mountain of my to-be-read books.

Since You’ve Been GoneMorgan Matson


I heard good things about this one and it sounds like a really sweet YA novel.

Thinking About

In Falling SnowMary-Rose MacColl


World War I. A hospital set up by a female doctor. A young woman searching for her little brother. It sounds really interesting.

Bitter GreensKate Forsyth


I stumbled over this book a couple of times, but somehow, there was always just something missing for me to take the plunge and actually buy it. Has anyone read this and can tell me whether to go for it or not?

Forget You Had a DaughterSandra Gregory

18858360It sounds interesting, but I’m not totally convinced. Not enough to buy it immediately anyway.

The Mermaid’s SisterCarrie Anne Noble

22833921It sounds good. I mean, it has mermaids. Unfortunately, the reviews are less than raging so it’s gonna go on my wishlist for now. I’ll think about whether or not to get it.

Crown and Country: A History of England Through the MonarchyDavid Starkey
9711756I have a lot of history books about England. I should not even be thinking about buying this one. Yet here we are… An overview, starting in Roman times? Kings and Queens? It’s got so much I like.


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