Whiskey Rebellion: Review


Rating: 3 Stars ***

The Plot

Addison Holmes is a high school history teacher with a lot of problems. Her fiancé cheated on her with her school arch-nemesis, she has to leave her condemned apartment complex soon and she doesn’t have the money to buy her dream house. So, in a desperate try to make some money, she decides to strip. It turns out she is incredibly bad that and her lousy luck means her Assistant Principal is there to see it.
Everything changes when she stumbles upon said Assistant Principal dead in the parking lot and that is just the beginning. She takes a job as for her best friend’s Detective Agency and meets the attractive but irritating Nick Dempsey, police officer in charge of solving the murder.

The Good

Whiskey Rebellion is a fun and easy read.

Addison Holmes is a very sympathetic character. Despite her clumsiness, which is a bit too much sometimes, she is a likeable main character with her own agenda.

I screamed at the voice coming from the next seat over and what was left of my adrenaline went into overdrive. Attack first. Think later.

I also liked the supporting characters, especially her mother.

“I packed us some snacks and caffeine just in case we needed the stimulation. I didn’t know how long this was going to take, and I didn’t want to be stranded out here without anything to eat. I even brought toilet paper in case we have to answer the call of nature.”
I looked at the bulging picnic basket my mom held in her arms and knew we could’ve been stranded out here for the next two weeks and still had plenty of food.

Her mother is protective, a bit overbearing sometimes and too interested in Addison’s love-life. And she is incredibly sweet and fun to read.

The Bad

I didn’t like the way the female characters in this book were described. Addison has a best female friend, which is great. But the portrayal of the others is a bit too mean for my taste.

I opened my eyes and saw more than I wanted to of Rose Marie. She was dressed in hot pink capris and a pink and white sailor’s top. Wahat they say is true about large women not wearing horizontal stripes.

Rose Marie is portrayed as excentric and annoying. It didn’t quite work because I really liked her and would have liked to see more of her. I could definitely have done without these kinds of descriptions of her. Addison doesn’t like the way she dresses, the way she acts, or her voice.

And then there is Addison’s arch-nemesis, Veronica.

Veronica was pulling Greg along behind her like a dog on a leash, a look of devilish excitement on her face when she saw where she was sitting. Her double D’s barely held up a slinky column of shimmering silver that was slit up her side to show long tanned legs. I had no idea what that woman was teaching to a room full of teenagers, but it probably wasn’t how to cook a roast turkey.

Of course her Veronica is a bitchy fake blond with fake boobs and she sleeps with everyone that can get her further. It is way to cliché and I’m really over reading characters like that.

Besides the female characters, there is of course also book heart-throb Nick Dempsey, love interest of Addison. I’m on the fence about Nick. On the one hand, he had really sweet moments. He is caring, making sure Addison gets home safe and even buying her food. Also, their banter is fun to read most of the time.

However, Nick has a tendency to all of a sudden become really creepy. He walks into her apartment, he sneaks into the passenger seat of her car. And then there are quite a few descriptions like these:

He moved closer, like a hunter stalking his prey, and for the first time I really saw the quietly contained danger lurking within.

Call me weird, but feeling threatened is not sexy in my book. Neither are things like these:

He tossed the paper aside and stalked me until my back was to the wall.

He does that A LOT. Trapping her against the wall with his body. Not cool.

The Conclusion

Despite some weaknesses, this book is a very fun, easy read. I read it in a day and had a lot of fun. The characters, for the most part, are charming and I enjoyed spending time in Addison’s head.


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