The Legend of Ellie Quin vol.1: Review


Rating: 3 Stars

The Plot

Ellie Quin is a girl growing up on a remote farm on a remote planet. Her dream is to get to the city and, ultimately, to leave the planet and explore the universe.

The Good

To see through a viewing bay, your whole world and everything you have ever known and to watch it gradually disappear and become simply a glowing disc, eventually a mere pin-prick

I really loved the world (or, in this case, universe). It was well-built and I’d love to see more of this universe and its planets.

I also liked Ellie. She is a bit naive and sometimes depends too much on others. But she follows her dream.

The Bad

However, there were also some things that I didn’t like. One of them was future slang. I know language will have changed in the future but this pseudo future slang is awkward to read. Things like crud as a swearword, saying triple cool, it just sounds odd.

‘Oh, do shut your gaping food-sluice!’ she growled with a voice hoarse with excitement. ‘I’ll find you a job you limp-frimp, the you can pay half the rent with me.’

ALso, there is this:

Brown so-o-o wanted this office cubicle…

The perspective sometimes changes abruptly from one character to the other. Ellie Quin is our main character but sometimes the perspective switches from her to one of the other characters, sometimes just for one sentence, so something about her can be described. It is too abrupt and slightly confusing.

While this book is a quick and fun read, it also has to be said that nothing much happens. It is volume one in a multi-part series but basically the book is one big starting chapter. Ellie goes from her farm to the city. That’s kind of it.

The Conclusion

I enjoyed the world, the writing and the characters and it is an easy, fun read.


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